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The Trickster. Performed at Bio Abelli, Västerbottensmuséet, Umeå, 7th of May 2011.

A monologue presented as a performance on stage where I explored three alter-egos that relate to the archetypal trickster character in three ways; the wise (called the Old), the acting antihero (called Lord Bennet) and the catharsis (called the Performer). On stage I became the three characters in succession and as them started a discussion directed back at myself. After the performance ended the props and a recorded version of the text were exhibited at Bildmuséet, Umeå as part of the exhibition Grand Opening II.

I later expanded upon the work in a separate performance and added the shadow (called the Beast).

The Old casts it's drop shadow on the present, from a point in time, ahead, or further back, and leaves memories from a time yet to experience.

Lord Bennet introduced himself in a unusually vivid dream. Black suit, long black hair, smoking black cigarettes with yellow flames by the brand The Phoenix Flavour. He walks on the other side of the mirror with a desire for rebellion and escape.

The Performer is an amplified version only existing in the moment on stage. A catalyst developer of the present sometimes more alive than reality.

The Beast/shadow is the reaction and uncontrollable after-image, ever present but more a field than a body.